SABE is a body that advises the CEN Technical Board on issues related to environment. Stakeholders identify environmental issues of importance to the standardization system and propose ways in which to respond.

In order to carry out its tasks, SABE has defined the following working structure:

Strategic issues: Environmental Monitoring Strategy Team (ENV)
Products and services: ENvironmental Issues in Standardization (ENIS)
Environmental Management: Environmental Management Team (EMT)

These Environmental Teams are responsible for defined tasks.

For specific subjects, the Teams can install Working Groups (WG) or Task Forces (TF). They have a limited task to be fulfilled with a set period of time, after which the WG or TF will be disbanded. They can perform in-depth studies for standardisation, in particular for mandated work.

The Teams can also have an advisory function to other CEN bodies within the mandate from SABE.

Proposals and outcomes of activities of SABE and its Teams must be clear and transparent.

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