Since Latvia declared independence, Friends of the Earth Latvia has been the largest grassroots non-governmental organisation in the country, with more than 3,200 individual supporters and 64 local groups.

Friends of the Earth Latvia supports local environmental initiatives, alongside national and international activities. Current campaigns are on forests, the sea coast, dune protection, alternative energy, organic agriculture, and cultural and international contact programmes. Each year, Friends of the Earth Latvia organises a ‘Sea Week’ which culminates in a ‘Green Singing Festival’.

Friends of the Earth Latvia organises protest campaigns on issues including hazardous waste problems in Latvia, European Union accession transparency, regional planning and insufficient EIA procedure cases. Their largest campaign is against the construction of a new offshore oil terminal in the Baltic Sea, near the coast of Latvia.

Friends of the Earth Latvia is one of the 23 member groups that are involved in the School of Sustainability project.