• Strategic Advisory Body on Environment (SABE)
    Strategic issues: Environmental Monitoring Strategy Team (ENV) Products and services: Environmental Issues in Standardization (ENIS) Environmental Management: Environmental Management Team (EMT)
  • What is standard?
    Making Standards for Europe
  • ENgage in a nutshell
    What is ENgage?
  • Who is involved?
    Engaging more Standard Bodies and National Environmental Organisations in the Environmental Aspects of Standardisation
  • 37th SABE meeting & ENgage kick-off!
    Limassol, Cyprus 17-19 April 2018


Environment needs our attention and standards are here to help!

Environmental aspects of products and services must be integrated into European Standards, and the contribution of all CEN members is necessary for European standardisation to provide the best possible solutions to the critical environmental issues that need to be addressed.     

ENgage enhances the participation and contribution of CEN members, making the most of the experience and expertise of European countries.